I’m really excited after toying around with Server.Transfer() procedure for sometimes. It has a lot of advantage from Response.Redirect(). One of the main advantage is Server.Transfer() really transfer pages in the server rather in client unlike Response.Redirect() and ability to transfer variable… neat huh. So I change all my Response.Redirect() command to Server.Transfer() command.
But suddenly I get bump with the limitation of Server.Transfer(). It can only transfer to another page within the same application. Meanwhile, I used to switch between one application to another application. So I have no choice than to change several of the command back to Response.Redirect() again.
Server.Transfer Bug KB.320439
And then, today, the dark clouds arrive. Suddenly I got this error message from nowhere. When I get it for the first time, I try to transfer a control to another page. So then I do my usual debug, at first I do the Trace Debug using F10 / F11 and it comes out zero because I cannot access the target page. Then I commented several command to see if its work… and nope… its still doesn’t work. Then I try googling and I found ….. that it was a BUG. And you know what Microsoft guys tells us how to resolve this? Yes, they suggested to use Response.Redirect(). Huhuhu *crying*, if I know that Server.Transfer is a buggy thing then I would never use Server.Transfer from the start.

For my case, I finally understand why the error come out. It seems that the target page has an error in the aspx page and not in the code behind class. After I fixed the aspx page, the Server.Transfer is working again.

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