Just read this when viewing Malaysia Airlines website:

Malaysia Airports will suspend the aerotrain services linking the Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building at KL International Airport (KLIA) from 1 November 2010 to 15 March 2011 due to upgrading works. Free shuttle buses will be made available during this period. This may affect departing passengers, transit as well as those arriving into Kuala Lumpur.
To familiarize yourself with the changes, please refer to the travel advisory before you leave for the airport.

Please be advice for all people who is going to use KLIA especially people that going to use a long haul international flights as they are usually use gates C1 to C47 which is the gates that will severely affected by this. The airport authority will providing free shuttle bus that will add up around 15 minutes travelling time than the usual one. If you’re going to use an international flight in KLIA around that time make sure you arrive earlier than usual.

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