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Dan ini dia … Apple iPhone 6s dan 6s Plus

2015-09-10 06_36_06-iphone6s-gallery1-2015_m
Tanggal 10 September 2015 jam 1 pagi waktu Indonesia, dalam acara special Apple, akhirnya iPhone 6s dan 6s Plus diluncurkan. Tentunya beserta dengan beberapa peluncuran produk-produk terbaru Apple lainnya seperti iPad Pro. Fokus utama tentunya ke iPhone 6s dan 6s Plus yang merupakan produk unggulan Apple dan penyumbang keuntungan terbesar Apple selama ini. Apalagi semenjak peluncuran iPhone 6 dan 6 Plus tahun lalu yang berhasil membuat lawan-lawannya di kubu Android (ataupun kubu lainnya) terguncang terutama dari penjualan mereka.
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Adakah yang baru di Apple iPhone 6s dan 6s Plus ?

Apple kemungkinan besar akan merilis Apple iPhone 6s dan 6s Plus malam ini waktu Indonesia (ya, karena di sana-nya acara media event Apple itu tanggal 9 September jam 10 pagi… Banyak harapan (dan tentu juga hinaan) bahwa penjualan tidak akan sebanyak iPhone 6 dan 6 Plus atau tidak ada yang patut diharapkan seperti game change yang dilakukan oleh Steve Jobs saat meluncurkan iPhone pertamakali.
Lalu apa yang mungkin akan ada di iPhone 6s dan 6s Plus selain standard upgrade… layar lebih baik, kamera lebih baik atau prosesor lebih gegas?

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Papago M8! Pro SG&MY for iPhone

This review should be done a year ago when I’m still heavily using it in Malaysia, but it seems that I forgot to publish it.

Open-mouthed smile

The product can be viewed in here.

First of all, I was skeptical based on what other people saying in the review. But I decided to buy as it was much much more cheaper than buying a GPS Navigational device. And to my surprise, its work better than I expected. Sure it got a lot of things to fix, but this is better than Garmin Mobile XT that I used before.
Yes, its make your iPhone hot. But if I used my phone to talk with someone for about 30 minutes or more.. it get hot too.
Its find the signal as soon as I open it, very fast indeed.
Search was easy and fast. I’ve try to search a nearby POI in my old Mobile XT and it took forever to find it.
Routing was good, I’ve try the 3 different routing with my daily home-work journey and I found out that all of them serve the purposed routing. Nice.
GPS Nav is a tools, if you found out that it routes you through a funny places then you just continue with your own route, the GPS Nav would reroute to compensate it… I’ve done that when I’m using Mobile XT and I do that again when I’m using this apps.
I’ve seen the sluggish response here and there but so far I don’t find it when I’m navigating, so its still acceptable to me. If you’re looking for a blazing speed response then go ahead buy the GPS Navigational standalone devices instead an apps (I would really love to get my hand on Garmin Nuvi 3790 series). One thing for sure is, I always turn off all other apps when I’m using this apps.
Graphics need to be upgraded to support iPhone 4 Retina display though that’s why I give it a 4 star.

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WordPress for iPhone

Ternyata ada wordpress untuk iPhone. So saya download dari App Store deh. Lumayan. Bisa lihat comment2 terakhir dan juga bisa posting. Ini nih contoh postingan menggunakan apps ini.