About Author

Im ThinkingBorn in the Wartaatmadja family at 1976. I have a wife and one child. Currently live in Puchong, Selangor DE Malaysia.

I am a holder of Master degree in Computer and right now I am working as Team Leader/Senior Developer/IT Project Manager, ranging from hardware, software and network. Has been working with computer since 1989, start programming in 1990 and beginning to learn about hardware in 1994. I labeled myself as System Analyst with a strong management and programming background. Therefore I considered myself as a System Architect, whether is right or not. But I don’t just stop in the technical world only, since 2000 I also doing an IT sales role and now have grown interest in security and audit world.

My basic programming language is C including C++, C#.NET and PHP but also proficient in using Object Pascal. But with my good understanding in Programming Algorithm I will only have small problem in switching into another programming language such as VB and COBOL. Programming tools that I used are Notepad, MS Visual Studio and Borland Delphi. In database area, I have been using MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server.

Up to now I have been involved in these IT Projects, such as:

  • Sweden, Norway and Denmark Mobile Number Porting
  • Customer Relationship Management for Telecom
  • State Government Accounting System
  • Unit Registry for Investment Company
  • Inventory System for SME Company
  • CRM for SME Company
  • Automobile e-commerce Site
  • Container Management System for Sea Port
  • Derivative Clearing House System
  • Brokerage Office System for Financial Investment Company
  • Store Accounting System for SME Company
  • Credit Analysis for House Leasing Company
  • GIS Catalog for NFI
  • Application on Polygon Retrieval based on Shape Similarity

I also has became a Trainer in:

  • IT Project Management
  • C# Programming