SBVR is an exciting new standard of Object Management Group (OMG) that will changes business from top to bottom. For the first time in history business can take control over all aspects that decide the success of an organization.

What is SBVR?
SBVR is a simple yet complete way to handle all your business knowledge.
From laws and regulations, business processes, organizational
structure, HRM policy, marketing plans, production, clients, products
and suppliers. And anything else you may find useful. For each of these
subjects you have diagrams, books, spreadsheets, specific languages and
jargon. The knowledge is scattered around your organization, some is
even only found inside of some persons head. There is no synergy between

The SBVR knowledge base consolidates all these fragments of knowledge
together, permitting you to:
• Find connections
• Improve decisions
• Reduce costs
• Find new markets and clients
• Comply to Governance
• Protect your knowledge
• Build better applications, faster and cheaper
• Keep your trainings always up to date

Where does SBVR come from?
SBVR has a many sources, some started already 45 years ago. It comes
from scientists and business people from all over the world. It is based
on logic, natural language, business rules, semantics and many years of
practical use and improvements. The result: The most powerful,
understandable and controllable way to use your business knowledge.

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