I got really shocked this morning as I cannot access two of my web application that I’ve been developed for sometimes from my warm and cozy home. As this thing happen from time to time so I did not panic at all.

At first, I’m checking out the web server. When I ping it, I’ll trying to do a remote desktop to the server and its fine. I’ll try to access site locally and its working perfectly. Then I test accessing a different web application that I have there from home… and its working fine too. So nothing wrong in the web server.

Second, I’m doing a remote desktop to another server in Malaysia and I’ll try to access the site from there and all work. Nothing wrong.

Third, I try using my own computer again and I still cannot access the site. Thinking that it may be Windows Live 2011 cause as I just installed them in my computer, I use another notebook to access the site… and I still cannot access them. But when I try to access using a proxy… I can accessed the site perfectly. So the problem lies in my ISP.

Fourth, I try to reset my computer and even my router but I still cannot accessed it. And now I’m officially blamed Maxis my ISP which I suspected blocked my site. How could Maxis blocked my site? No illegal activity in there and nothing political in there too. So I go to Maxis website and fill in their Online Enquire and Feedback. I even thinking on changing my ISP if the problem persist. But suddenly everything when normal again in about 1 hour ago. Fiuh…

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