Versioning is a tool that must exists in a development environment. Especially if you have a lot of people involve in the development and each of their task could intersect with one and another. One of the famous versioning software is of course Subversion or SVN.

And thanks to VisualSVN team at, we can now easily install SVN Server in Windows environment. Just a simple download and install, we can have a SVN Server ready at anytime. And we can easily used the standard SVN client such as TortoiseSVN to access it. And its FREE… yay.

The VisualSVN cames with an Apache web server built in so you don’t need to use Microsoft IIS (CMIIW SVN cannot be installed in Microsoft IIS). Its have a simple built-in authentication and you can have a Windows Authentication if you go with the Enterprise Edition (non free version).

Currently my company running VisualSVN Server in MS Windows XP Professional on a Virtual Server at MS Windows 2003 Small Business. So far I don’t have any complaint since I install it 2 years ago.

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