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Indonesia Personal Review

Iklan Sisipan dari XL

Sebagai pengguna XL, sudah cukup lama saya disodori halaman iklan saat browsing di browser handphone. Padahal saya pengguna jalur data yang membayar tapi tetap disuguhi iklan tersebut.
Namun okelah, saat ini belum ada pilihan lain.
Tapi hari ini saya disodorkan bentuk iklan lain, injection ke page yg saya kunjungi. Wow… Security breach banget. Contohnya ada screenshoot di bawah ini saat berkunjung ke web saya sendiri…


Please deh XL. Ini dah pelanggaran privacy saya sebagai pengguna. Terua buat apa saya bayar biaya data.

Gadget iPhone Review Software

Papago M8! Pro SG&MY for iPhone

This review should be done a year ago when I’m still heavily using it in Malaysia, but it seems that I forgot to publish it.

Open-mouthed smile

The product can be viewed in here.

First of all, I was skeptical based on what other people saying in the review. But I decided to buy as it was much much more cheaper than buying a GPS Navigational device. And to my surprise, its work better than I expected. Sure it got a lot of things to fix, but this is better than Garmin Mobile XT that I used before.
Yes, its make your iPhone hot. But if I used my phone to talk with someone for about 30 minutes or more.. it get hot too.
Its find the signal as soon as I open it, very fast indeed.
Search was easy and fast. I’ve try to search a nearby POI in my old Mobile XT and it took forever to find it.
Routing was good, I’ve try the 3 different routing with my daily home-work journey and I found out that all of them serve the purposed routing. Nice.
GPS Nav is a tools, if you found out that it routes you through a funny places then you just continue with your own route, the GPS Nav would reroute to compensate it… I’ve done that when I’m using Mobile XT and I do that again when I’m using this apps.
I’ve seen the sluggish response here and there but so far I don’t find it when I’m navigating, so its still acceptable to me. If you’re looking for a blazing speed response then go ahead buy the GPS Navigational standalone devices instead an apps (I would really love to get my hand on Garmin Nuvi 3790 series). One thing for sure is, I always turn off all other apps when I’m using this apps.
Graphics need to be upgraded to support iPhone 4 Retina display though that’s why I give it a 4 star.

News Review

AirAsia site looking weird in my Firefox

When I’m visiting the AirAsia website using Firefox at 20:40 today, I got a return as this picture below instead of the usual AirAsia red page":


The weird things is, everything when normal if I open it using Chrome or IE. Restarted the Firefox 3.6.12 or disabling all the plugin didn’t fix it. Weird right? Anybody got the same problem as me?

AMD Hardware Review Tips

Apa itu AMD Vision?


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Gadget Google Android HTC Tattoo Review Software

Seesmic came to the rescue

After trying several Android Apps to replace my HTC Peep, I came across Seesmic. At first I have a problem with its support to Google Buzz but I quickly dismissed that doubt after I try it in my Tattoo.

It also support a widget for your homescreen where it will shown a randow tweet or buzz. It can send your buzz/tweet to multiple account too.

One thing that makes me wonder is how in the world that Seesmic can still access Twitter using its old authentication model instead of the new OAuth scheme. Although its used OAuth in Google Buzz when I add my Buzz account in it.

Download it from Android Market or download it to your computer first via

Review Software Windows

VisualSVN Server

Versioning is a tool that must exists in a development environment. Especially if you have a lot of people involve in the development and each of their task could intersect with one and another. One of the famous versioning software is of course Subversion or SVN.

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Personal Review

Finally, upload ke Flickr jadi cepat

Sudah lama tidak pernah upload ke Flickr. Maklum biasanya agak bete kalau upload dalam ukuran besar karena speed-nya sangat lambat… maksimum bermain di 10KB/s.
Tapi ternyata upload speed-nya sekarang sudah mantap (atau karena ISP-ku yang makin baik ya hehehe). Anyway.. kemarin melakukan archieving foto dan video keluarga yang cukup banyak dan dapat diselesaikan dalam tempo sesingkat-singkatnya… bahkan upload speed maksimumnya mencapai 180KB/s… hohoho.
Hmmm…. jangan-jangan koneksi internet di-upgrade ke SDSL nih. Dicek dulu ahhh.

Acer Ferrari One Hardware Notebook Review

Acer Ferrari One 200

Acer Ferrari One adalah notebook Acer ke-6 yang saya beli baik untuk diri saya sendiri maupun untuk rekan dan keluarga. Notebook ini merupakan notebook Acer terbaru yang saya beli setelah Acer Aspire 4530 tahun lalu. Ferrari One saya belikan untuk istri saya yang hendak melungsurkan Sony Vaio TR2A-nya.

Persyaratan dari istri saya sangat mudah: kecil, ringan namun cukup powerful. Dari persyaratan tersebut, saya sebenarnya memutuskan untuk membeli Dell Inspiron 11z. Namun saat berkunjung ke PC Fair 2009 (III) di KLCC sabtu kemarin (7 Desember 2009), istri agak kurang tertarik dengan Inspiron 11z, dan saat itulah kita melihat Acer Ferrari One 200 di booth salah satu vendor Acer. Dengan harga yang sama dengan 11z namun dengan build yang lebih elegan, akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk membawa satu unit Acer Ferrari One pulang.

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